Top 10 trending technologies

8-Top Trending Technologies in 2019

AI Artificial Intelligence 
ML – Machine Learning
RPA -Robotic Process Automation 
BC Blockchain
EC – Edge Computing
VR&AR Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
CS – Cyber Security
IOT – Internet Of Things

Overview: Top 8 Trending Technologies

If Edward Teller tottered on the brink of apostolic articulation, he would have perhaps unhesitantly rendered his dialogue superficial. And yet, his words have strangely grasped an aura of their own as they longer longingly in the air:

“The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” With leaps and bounds unmeasured and unheralded, technology has contrived to dominate our existence in every sense of the term while unearthing potential beyond the scope of human imagination. And yet, by an incomprehensible stretch of the imagination, perhaps our world has evolved into a rigmarole of aesthetics which threaten to captivate us, enthral us and leave us at their mercy. A deep insight into the factors responsible for the Revolution that is slowly and steadily engulfing the human race enlists several factors and reasons which are wooing us into the silky cocoon of mechanical slavery.

Top 10 trending technologies in India
Top 8 Trending Technologies in 2019

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is but a buzzword for so many and the future for most. This will lead us into a world where our machines become decreasingly reliant on us is a scary prospect, yet it is one into which we creep excitingly. The concept of Artificial Intelligence has long been mooted as a precursor to Armageddon, and yet one can never unmistakably ignore the prospects of automation and a life of comfort that it so unwittingly promises. And while automation has a severe con in the decrease in the employability of large sectors of the population, the promise and finesse it, signs are too good to be true.
They say, “Every coin has yet another unexplored side.” And while automation under the conduit of AI threatens to rob large sectors of the population of its jobs, it is perhaps only judicial that it compensates in job profiles such as AI experts and engineers, albeit unevenly so.

Scope of Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Machine Learning is a smaller aspect of Artificial Intelligence, which is taking massive and rapid strides into humanities greatest dream (and perhaps nightmare?). While possessing other branches like deep neural networks, ACP connections, Natural Language Processing [NCP], ML promises to be a driving force in the industry in the days to come as the shenanigans of time lurking around the gloomy desolate corners.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain programming is yet another catalyst to a dream. While data mining and text mining have proved to be insecure with protocol breaches, cryptocurrency offers a haven for digital currencies and transactions. A concept appealing to tens of thousands of humans across the Earth, cryptocurrency is like a hydra-headed demon. It has slithered steadily into the crevices of the financial markets and the business sector, and it is here to stay. And while the security of the currency and the validity of the bitcoins remain a perennial debate, there is no doubting the future scope it offers: a world of digital currencies.

Amidst a plethora of temporary ideologies and theories which never came to fruition, society has evolved into a wiser and brainier version of itself as edge computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality along with a host of other concepts threaten to revolutionize the way we visualize the world today. The East Wind is coming. It is beginning to get us all

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